I have been using I-Wen Naturals' products since December last year. I highly recommend using her products not just only it is purely organic without any chemical elements and also I know it works for my skin.

Story - My personal experience was that I had a serious damaged skin caused by using a wrong skin products last September (My skin was seriously irritated which I felt burned, extremely dry, peeled off and redness) which I couldn't use any skin care on my face for three month. One day, my sister introduced me the I-Wen Naturals' skin care where I started using them. After I used for one week, my skin was rapidly recovered because this product was definitely a genuine skin care.

I love 'I-Wen Naturals products' because it's freshly made and they all are 'ORGANIC' with zero chemical in it. That is why I highly recommend 'I-Wen Naturals'. I stop using those name-brand skin cares that I used to buy, such as Lancome, Philosophy, La Prairie and Shiseido, etc. because I can't find any other NATURAL skin care that can even compare with 'I-Wen Naturals'.

I-Wen Naturals has changed my skin quality to be even more better than before. I'm so happy what I found. Something worth to be mentioned about the products are suggested to try, they are:

  • Ageless Rose Essence Hydro-Whitening Toner - (Make your skin feel very Refreshing....)
  • Ageless Rose Essence Mild Face Wash - (Make your skin feel so Clean.....)
  • Ageless Anti-Wrinkle Serum - (Make your wrinkle goes away.....)
  • Ageless Face Firming Serum - (Make your skin feel more Firmness, less saggy look)
  • Ageless Wrinkle Smoothing Lotion (Day) - (Make your skin feel smoother and it is not heavy day time)
  • Ageless Facelift Cream (Night) - (Make your skin feel Relax, lifting and also protection)
  • Ageless Supreme C Face Beauty Oil - (Make your skin feel gets more Nutrition with Vitamin C)
  • Ageless Eye Gel - (Make your eye feel more smoother, less black/white heads)

I used to have lots of wrinkle on my forehead, eye and mouth area but they are gradually gone. My dry skin is now became more balanced and moisture. I have to say 'I-Wen Naturals' has changed my skin quality even better and now I have full confident to say - I'm still looking young.

Shirlie (California, USA)
June 23, 2017